Enchantment awaits you in this largely undiscovered region of Canada. Experience traditional Inuit cultures in authentic Arctic settings, learning how people have lived for thousands of years in this harsh but beautiful environment. Discover unique wildlife, which varies across the vast tundra, and understand the importance of animals to the people of the north. Depending on the time of year you may witness spectacular Northern Lights, or wonder at the Land of the Midnight Sun. You will forever recall the warm welcome you receive, despite the frosty climate.

Yellowknife Aurora Escape

5 days, 4 nights

Enjoy northern Indigenous activities by day and the stunning Aurora Borealis by night.

From CA $1464 Financing Available

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Life on the Floe Edge

8 days, 7 nights

Experience a destination that few ever have the chance to explore: the floe edge of Admiralty Inlet, at the north end of Baffin Island in Canada’s arctic.

From CA $8399 Financing Available

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Wildlife of the North

7 days, 6 nights

This trip of a lifetime is a fantastic opportunity to see and photograph Quebec-Labrador's polar bear, musk-ox and caribou, the big three among the Arctic wildlife.

From CA $7099 Financing Available

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Ways of the Inuit

4 days, 3 nights

Immerse yourself in a culture steeped in ancient stories and traditions that have guided a people for a thousand years to thrive in one of the most unforgiving climates on earth.

From CA $4069 Financing Available

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