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2023, here we come! All of us at Indigeno Travel love to come up with travel ideas for our clients and customers – it’s the fun part of the job. But there are specific times of the year that certain countries and cities really shine. Read on to find out where we’re going, and more specifically, when.

January: Vietnam

January is a great time to visit Vietnam. You can expect warm sunshine and clear blue skies as Vietnam is in its prime dry season. This month is also one of the best options for travelers to feel the most drastic weather difference among regions in Vietnam. And while the south is hotter than the north, all regions of Vietnam have pleasant, warm temperatures in January, so you can sit back and relax on the picturesque beaches in the heat of the sun. For Vietnamese people, this is the most important time of the year with Tet, Vietnamese Lunar New Year (which lands on Sunday, January 22 in 2023). So, you may want to plan your visit in accordance with this special time to get in on the celebrations!

February: Southern USA

Let’s start with the most obvious reason many head to the US in February: Mardis Gras in New Orleans! Landing on February 21 in 2023, Mardis Gras (translating to “Fat Tuesday” in French) reflects the practice of the last night of eating rich, fatty foods before the ritual Lenten sacrifices and fasting of the Lenten season. This translates into one of the biggest, best parties in the US with an eclectic mix of European, Creole, and Cajun culture manifesting in every aspect of the architecture, cuisine, and musical scene. Since you’re in the deep south, why not make it a multi-stop trip? This tour hits Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi – so you can savour authentic cuisine and enjoy Southern hospitality as you float down the Mississippi on an included river boat cruise.

March: South Africa

March is one of the best months to pack your bags and visit South Africa with weather that is beautifully warm and sunny, up to 12 hours of sunshine per day and pleasantly cool evenings. Landscapes are lush due to previous months’ wet weather, as this time of year’s rainy season has just ended (giving you great weather and plenty of wildlife to look out for). If physical activity is what you’re looking for, the best surf season begins now, too! Or how does cycling through vineyards, over mountain passes, and along South Africa’s most spectacular coastline sound? Whenever you do end up deciding to visit South Africa, you won’t be disappointed.

April: Italy

April in Italy (more specifically in this case, the Amalfi Coast) brings flowers in bloom, pleasantly warm days and crisply cool nights, slightly lower prices and fewer crowds. These milder temperatures make for the perfect walking tour settings, like this one, which brings you on inspirational walks through Italian hills, woodland, and coastal villages.

May: Peru

May is an excellent month to visit Peru – it’s lush and green as the rainy season comes to an end, but tourist sites are not as busy as during the festival month of June, or the peak months of July and August. The pleasantly warm temperatures make for perfect hiking weather, so you can comfortably trek through the Sacred Valley and explore Machu Picchu, one of the architectural and engineering marvels of the ancient world. The Festival of the Crosses, also known as Cruces de Mayo (May Crosses Festival), was introduced to Peru by the Spaniards and is celebrated in Peru mostly in towns in the Andean highlands on May 3. Ancient festivities celebrated by local peasant farmers at the end of the southern hemisphere summer to thank mother earth for a rich harvest were supposed to disappear with the introduction of the Spanish May Crosses Festival. But instead of getting rid of the unwanted non-Christian traditions, these two traditional celebrations merged and developed into a “peruvianized” version of the religious festival. If you find yourself in Cusco on May 3, 2023, prepare for some displays of colourful costumes and traditional dance and music in the streets as the locals celebrate this age-old festival!

June: UK & Scotland

Weather across the United Kingdom always varies from region to region any time of year, but June is without a doubt one of the warmest months to visit. No matter where you go, you’re most likely going to encounter some grey and rainy days – but that’s par for the course here. Garden flowers and foliage will be in full bloom and the quintessential rolling hills will be lush and green, so you can take in all the beautiful sites at their peak. Check out this tour, which covers a huge portion of Great Britain – from London, all the way to Edinburgh!

July: Manitoba

Get the best of what Manitoba has to offer in the peak of summer! If you didn’t know, Manitoba summers can be very hot (due to its location in the centre of the North American continent, the climate here is extreme!) and July is usually the hottest. Once you venture out of Winnipeg into any of the gorgeous forested areas in the province, the likelihood of spotting wildlife soars. Riding Mountain National Park is one of the best places to catch glimpses of black bear, deer and even moose! As you move north, things cool off, naturally. Summertime is beluga whale season in Churchill. This tour brings you into the water to see these incredible creatures up close. And we’re not biased because our head office is here (wink, wink) – we truly believe Manitoba has so much to offer!

August: Greenland

Icebergs, fjords and glaciers, oh my! No matter what time of year you decide to trek to Greenland, it will be incredible. Summertime, however, is a fantastic time to go for optimal exploring as temperatures are fairly mild and daylight is in excess! The long and bright days of summer are the best time to visit Greenland for those who actually want to see a bit of actual green land! The thawed out vegetation invites wildlife to graze (think muskox, reindeer, arctic hare) and this is also the best time to spot whales on the shore. This tour brings you right up to one of Greenland’s largest and most active glaciers: the Eqi glacier. Prepare for your mind to be blown!

September: BC

September means colder months are ahead, and grizzly bears in British Columbia are getting ready for hibernation. Klahoose Wilderness Resort (located in Desolation Sound, Sunshine Coast) has one of the best grizzly viewing tours in Canada, bringing you up close to the magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. If you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a family of grizzlies fishing for salmon in the pristine waters of BC, send pics! But seriously, make sure you have a good camera – this area of the country has views that will knock your socks off.

October: Morocco

October is one of the best months to visit Morocco, as temperatures are cooler and more comfortable for exploring and sightseeing. This is a great month for hiking in the Atlas mountains and visiting the Atlantic coast in Casablanca. The temperatures range from pleasant 22°C (71°F) to very high 31°C (88°F), depending on where you are in the country and the time of day (you’ll need a light coat for the evenings in the mountains). With summer vacations over and students back in school, you’ll encounter fewer tourists in the fall, as well as slightly better deals! This two-week tour covers so much of this beautiful country, maybe 2023 is your year to see all Morocco has to offer.

November: Mexico

There are many reasons why November is a great time to visit Mexico, but Mexico’s most colourful and festive holiday – Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) – has to be the best one! Celebrated from October 31 to November 2, Day of the Dead brings elaborately decorated home altars, parades, parties and nighttime visits to the gravestones of loved ones. With hurricane season being over, the climate is great this time of year. Hot and sunny days cool off to milder evenings. This tour brings you to so many hot-spots, from the highlands of Mexico City to the jungles and beaches of the Yucatan via the lands of Aztecs, Zapotec, Mayas and Conquistadors.

December: Norway

While southern parts of the country receive six to eight hours of daylight, many northern regions see no full sunrise for all of December. This may seem unappealing to some people, but many locals who live in these far north places find it their favourite time of year! If you think December in northern Norway means pitch black, you’d be wrong. Although there is no sun visible over the horizon for weeks at a time, there will be moments where light still sneaks into the atmosphere and creates magical hues of blue, discreetly lighting up the beautiful landscape. Life goes on as scheduled during the winter, and we believe a visit to the Scandinavian tundra is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any traveller. Speaking of once in a lifetime – ever wanted to herd reindeer with the Indigenous Sami Peoples? Check this out.

Here’s to exploring new places, new experiences and meeting new people. Cheers to 2023!

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